Marketing of QR code

Quick Response Code or QR code has become a part of the Internet macro-environment since its creation. The marketing of QR code is through the propagation of the pattern to lead customers to scan it and spread related information or promotion of products. IIt also became a new way of marketing to stimulate customer journeys. […]

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Roo’Bar and Crowdfunding

Roo’Bar and crowdfunding : A Critical Evaluation of Ways Roo’Bar Can Acquire Investments by the Means of Crowdfunding.   Before we get into our whole little story about Roo’Bar you need to know what crowdfunding is. Otherwise you might get lost. If you already know what it is then I’m sorry read along.   CROWDFUNDING While Crowdfunding […]

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About Digital Marketing

Introduction to digital marketing The Internet plays more and more of an important role in everyone’s daily life. We check the news on our phones as soon as we wake up; we work on our laptops, and go shopping. In essence, we can no longer separate our lives from the Internet. To follow this trend, […]

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