Marketing of QR code

Quick Response Code or QR code has become a part of the Internet macro-environment since its creation. The marketing of QR code is through the propagation of the pattern to lead customers to scan it and spread related information or promotion of products. IIt also became a new way of marketing to stimulate customer journeys. After scanning the code, customers can interact with marketers by social media, watching videos, subscription and other ways of following the products or brands. There are several main industries which use QR code to advertise, such as beauty, health, necessaries, fashion and cars industries.
In summary, by scanning these big black and white boxes, customers are linked to retailers.  Advertising made easy!



Now that you know the defintion of QR code, let’s talk about the advanatges.

  • Marketers can use QR code to break the barrier between them and customers. They can regard QR code as an entrance to approach customers and provide online services.
  • It is a marketing strategy that provides a lot of user freindly fucntions. For example, it is pretty convenient to order, pay or promote through QR code either for the  marketers or the customers.
  • The marketing information can be delivered precisely to different segments of customers. Marketers can also count and analyze the scanning times, users’ sources and channels from backstage. For tailered information provides a better shopping experience.
  • This marketing strategy is more efficient than other advertising forms. The core function is to gather videos, slogans, images, promotions, and links of a company into one single QR code. The company can then put this code on name cards, magazines, newspapers, advertising sheets, posters, webpages, transportation stations or wherever they want. If this company needs to change the information, they can just change it from the backstage. They don’t have to advertise all over again. So it helps companies acquire a greater return in a smaller cost.


6 examples of creative QR code marketing


  1. MENOW currency

MENOW is a Chinese brand of cosmetics. On a fair of trading Internet goods of Guangzhou, China, in 2012, MENOW kept passing out ‘money’ on the spot. They used the currency circulated in countries that MENOW has covered as an original script. They redesigned it as an advertising sheet and added their QR code on it. People can get coupons and know more about MENOW by scanning the code on the ‘money’.



  1. Fascinating code of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret once made an attractive outdoor advertisement, which covered the model’s naked body with a QR code. Everyone can’t wait to scan the code to find out what it is behind that code. It turned out to be underwear (surpise, surpise);  as the slogan said, ‘sexier than skin’.



  1. How Starbucks interacts with their customers.

Starbucks created their own app. Customers can download this application by scanning a QR code. Customers can add their credit card info so they can get through the line faster by simply scanning the app at the counter.



  1. Share your favorite music collection via Spotify

You can create your own music collection of your favorite songs on Spotify. And it will generate a new QR code once you finish creating this collection. And if you want to share your collection with your friends, all you have to do is to send the QR code to them and  they can listen to your collection as well. Much quicker and simpler than sending a long URL.



  1. Turquoise Cottage uses QR code as a stamp

There is a bar named Turquoise Cottage in India.  While most bars will simply stamp your hand or draw soemthing on with a marker, this bar has created a QR code stamp! They call it ‘buddystamp’. Customers can check their homepage if they scan the QR code. And if customers scan it between 8 to 10pm, they can get discount of certain drinks. According to the data, there were over 85% customers who had scanned it, and shared it on Facebook.



  1. Turkish Airlines hides flags in QR code

Turkish Airlines used QR code to send their customers on a treasure hunt. They designed their QR code as the flags of 73 counties that are going to participate in Olympic Games and they put these codes in different bus stops of London. Then they invited people to scan the code. People can get one flag every time they scan one QR code. At last, the one who collected the most flags can get return tickets to anywhere of Turkish Airlines for free.



As you can see from these examples, companies are finding fun and creative ways to engage their customers through QR codes. What was first designed to help track vehicles during manufacturing is now becoming a makerting senstation. We believe that QR codes will continue to grow in popularity as Smartphones slowly take over the world.


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