5 tips that will make your crowdfunding campaign successful

1.  A convincing project is nice, a convincing story is better


Storytelling: developing a story is one of the most important tactics to make your crowdfunding campaign successful. Actually, Roo’bar already has a strong storytelling potential: in search of healthy treats for her children, Anita invented the recipe of a raw bar and that bar starting from a local health store in Bulgaria became successful. The story of a healthy bar created to help a child will certainly attract or impress more people than an industrial story.

«Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something. » Plato

  1. DO NOT be afraid to ask for help !

Communication is a key point in a crowdfunding campaign: it’s not just about asking for money or help but more about telling customers why they should be part of your own story by helping you. Roo’bar already has a big advantage with their story; it would be stupid to miss that opportunity.

A good idea could be to make a short video, starting from the first days of the company’s establishment and showing the little girl of Anita eating a bar. Despite the fact that they don’t have strong brand awareness on popular social networks, asking help from specialized magazines or websites would be a wise choice.

  1. Reach the good person

To be able to engage the maximum amount of people during a crowdfunding campaign, you have to reach the right persons. You can tell your story 1 million times to the wrong persons and gain nothing or tell it to the 10 right people and then gain ten new customers or even better: ten new ambassadors. To respect that rule, Roo’Bar should contact healthy specialized websites, magazines or influencers that are sharing their vision.

Roo’bar Vision: simple and delicious recipe that offers a heathy solution for everyone. Care production without compromise.

For instance, an idea could be to share their crowdfunding campaign on BarnRaiser: a specialized crowdfunding website for healthy and sustainable food.

If you would like to know more about BarnRaiser, here is an article about their story: http://onforb.es/1LEuYTP


  1. Use Psychology!

Psychology is a key point. The majority of successful campaigns have succeeded favour of the generosity of their donators and not because those people were looking for an awesome branded t-shirt of Roo’Bar or a new fashion key ring. To encourage crowd’s generosity for the campaign, use the benefits of psychology, for example, using second person narratives, giving some personal information about you and your team, make them feeling guilty… The most important thing is that you first have to put yourself in the place of the person who is reading your campaign! An article written by conversional lists you the best nineteen psychological tactics to reach your goal: http://bit.ly/1JzZuRl


  1. Be concrete!

To push people be part of your adventure, you need to make them feel that each individual donation has the power of changing things! But… how? By sharing with them your objectives and why are you asking money? Explicit all steps in detail is better.

e.g: 1000 euros ——> buy a new ecological and sustainable machine

2000 euros ——> acquire a warehouse

10.000 euros ——> launch the product in Africa

If after reading all those advices you still feel that you’re missing some points, let’s go to the website of Forbes Magazine and have a look at Ranking of the ten best crowdfunding campaigns: http://onforb.es/20TaHAZ




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