Case Study



* Which paradigm (specific to digital media) is the company using to build their business model?

According to the article, the company (BrewDog) is currently trying to raise £25m in equity from ordinary punters by open-sourcing its recipe collection. BrewDog is using a business model based on an open-source system (usually called open-source business model). To make it easier for understanding, open-source business model means that a company gives its products/services away for free, or a minimal cost (the Linux Foundation 2015). So, how can open-source companies make money? The answer is: in fact, this business model relies on shifting the commercial value away from the actual products and generating revenue from the ‘Product Halo’, or ancillary services like systems integration, support, tutorials and documentation. This focus on the product halo is rooted in the firm understanding that in the real-world, the value of software lies in the value-added services of the product halo and not in the product or any intellectual property that the product represents.

* Is the company ‘disrupting’ the beer industry? If yes, how exactly?

“It doesn’t destroy capitalism, but it does challenge its dynamics.”

Like what the article states, we think with the idea of open-sourcing, the company is making the beer industry more accessible for other people (“All you would need to convert them from homebrew approximations to the actual stuff is a factory, a skilled workforce, some raw materials and a sheaf of legal certifications”). The point is that with this paradigm, the company is probably adding more competitors to the beer industry; which could create more challenges for other beer companies.

* Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the copyright for product development and use.


1. The author receives credit for his/her work, both economically and morally.

2. Prevents others from stealing and appropriating their work legally.

3. The author/owner can take all the decisions with the product, making impossible to other companies to modify and sell it.


1. Piracy/Plagiarism, sometimes due to the high cost of the original.

2. It origins monopolies in the market, which leads to high prices.



* Discuss the advantages / disadvantages of asymmetric encryption.

Asymmetric encryption, also known as public key encryption, uses two keys (a public key and a private key) to code and decode messages.The public key, as the name suggests, is made publicly available. It is used to encrypt messages by anyone who needs to send information to the person that the key belongs to. Meanwhile, the private key is kept secret and is used to decrypt the message.


  • Complex: The asymmetric system is much more complex and harder to hack due to its multi-key system
  •  Convenience: It solves the problem of distributing the key for encryption since the public keys are published for the everyone. Everyone publishes their public keys and private keys are kept secret.
  • Allows for authentication: Public key encryption allows the use of digital signatures! This enables the recipient of a message to verify that the message is from a specific sender.
  • Detection of tampering: The use of digital signatures in public key encryption allows the receiver to detect if the message was altered in transit. A digitally signed message cannot be modified without invalidating the signature.


  • Slow: Since public key encryption is more complex and involves 2 keys, it can be a very slow process. Thus, it is not a valid option for large pieces of informtion.
  • More resources needed: It requires a lot more computer supplies compared to other forms encryption, i.e single-key.
  • Widespread security compromise is possible: If an attacker determines a person’s private key, the entire messages can easily be read
  •  Loss of private key may be irreparable: The loss of a private key means that all received messages cannot be decrypted.

* For which type of customer is security and safety of users data of a high importance? 

There isn’t a group of consumers that are more impacted than another as security and safety is of high importance to everyone.  These attacks impact all types of customers as a wide range of websites are vulnerable to attack. Security and safety is important to any consumer that wants to make online purchases since they don’t want to be at risk for identity theft. More importantly, customers want to know that there information is safe.

* If you were a digital marketeer, how would you tackle the situation – preemptively and post the discovery of the breach?

As a digital marketer the most important thing is to demonstrate to consumer that their information is safe. If a site looks like it is vulnerable than consumers will be skeptical to make purchases, thus impacting the overall success of the company. As a marketer I would very clearly indicate that the purchasing system is secure and explain in simple terms how the encryption that is put in place  works so that consumer feel safe providing information. Customer will be more likely to visit, provide data, and make purchases if they feel safe!


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